I’ve just migrated my website from WordPress to Jekyll. Or rather, I’ve created a new Jekyll site and deleted my old WordPress one. After using WordPress for the past two years, I’ve found that it was a bit bloated for my purposes, requiring too many plugins and updates for a pretty hands-off website. And when I started attempting to blog recently, I found it overly complicated to try to embed things like javascript-based graphics. What I really needed was a lightweight platform that would allow me to make small updates to main pages (my publications list, mainly) quickly and easily. And since I’ve been using Markdown more and more lately, being able to write blog posts using that is a definite plus. Jekyll coupled with GitHub Pages met these requirements nicely; I was able to create a new site in a few hours, with a few more days spent tweaking the layout to my liking and getting jekyll-scholar running nicely for my publications.

Many thanks to Steve Miller, whose blog post on setting up an academic website proved very helpful (and whose template I stole for this site). Also, thanks to Eric Tramel, whose blog post on automated publication lists I used to set up my own publications page.

So here we are! I have plans to begin blogging semi-regularly, primarily to promote and explain some of my publically-available Matlab code. I’ve also ported over one old blog post that described how I set up and maintain my GitHub repositories.